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PenUin is a newly founded website and mobile application service intended to bridge the gap between consumers and entertainers across all genres of the entertainment industry.  Through research, PenUin has found that the entertainment industry needs to facilitate an avenue which will easily and readily make entertainers from all genres, available to consumers for any and all the entertainment services they may offer. Today’s entertainment industry is rapidly moving towards independence and PenUin will be at the forefront of this movement. PenUin personalizes the communication between the entertainer and the consumer by providing consumers the opportunity to now use search engines optimization to view and purchase services provided by Artists and Entertainers as products, thus allowing each entertainer the opportunity to manage, moderate, measure, and monetize their talents to consumers. 

PenUin is the missing link between consumers and the entertainment world.  There are many websites that are geared towards connecting consumers with entertainers for performances, hosting, and appearances, but that’s where the connection ends.  PenUin is geared towards the “hidden” services that are often overlooked by many 3rd party companies in reference to entertainment; such as verses, choruses, etc. Musicians and Vocalists often lend their talents to other entertainers for a fee to boost the consumers appeal in their respected crafts.  PenUin will give these consumers a chance to purchase talents through it’s easy, straight to the point, interface.

We invite you to review and search throughout our website and see and become a part of our family. Enjoy!