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In the event that the Customer cancels the booking or event with at least 14 days prior notice from its scheduled Date and Time as detailed hereunder, no refund of any monies paid in advance to Vendors shall be made and the balance of the monies due to Talent shall be waived.  Notice of cancellation in advance shall be deemed received only upon direct voice contact between Vendor and User. If this is not possible, User should notify Vendor and PenUin by written communication sent via overnight express delivery or Direct Email.  Vendors will not be held responsible for the inability to perform or appear for the following reasons only:

•Police or Government Official closing the location of event

•Location/Promoter losing license

•Facility improperly equipped (i.e.: no electricity, unstable set-up)

•Poor or inadequate audio system set-up (i.e.: monitors, mixers, turntables, microphones, etc.)

•Incorrect directions or lack of transportation to the event

•Fire, War, Venue Violence, or Act of God

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